Otto Rasner

Backend Developer

Highly motivated problem-solver who takes pride in writing maintainable code and thrives in a creative environment. Strong focus on client satisfaction and able to communicate effectively with people of diverse experience levels and backgrounds. Knowledgeable in many fields and always eager to learn new skills. Web-oriented front & back-end developer. Over 8+ years of experience in software industry which includes, experience in analysis, design, development, testing and implementation of Enterprise wide applications. Specialties: Javascript, PHP, WordPress, MySQL, API integrations, Linux

Thomas Abendroth

API Developer

High analytical API Developer. Performance-focused, and multifaceted professional, offering wide-ranging experience in software development and engineering, database optimization, product enhancement, and quality assurance. Adept at identifying and formulating technologically-centered solutions to address issues and defects, while ensuring product stability and performance. Highly familiar with the feature implementation, essential in accomplishing large-scale and complex projects. Concept-to-execution leader, able to develop and implement key IT initiatives to drive continuous performance and process improvement.

Alexander Lindström

JavaScript Developer

Experienced JavaScript Developer/ Software Engineer with a demonstrated history of working in the telecommunications industry. Skilled in JavaScript, PHP, Micro Services, Spring Boot, Spring Modules (IOC, AOP, DI, Security, MVC, JPA), Java/J2EE, YANG Modeling Language, Open daylight (ODL), SDN, DG Builder, Cassandra, Coherence, JIRA, CICD, Jenkins, MySql, Sonar Qube, Oracle Database, Requirements Analysis, Messaging, Java Message Service (JMS), Robot Framework, Apache Karaf, Cucumber, JUnit, NLP, Selenium and SaFe, Agile Methodologies. Strong engineering professional with a Masters on Information security/assurance focused in Information Technology from Stockholm University.

Matt Arkema

UX Developer / Founder

I work predominantly in front-end design, development and systems integration – but my knowledge, experience, and curiosity has no limit. My passion for technology provides me with the ambition to maintain my commitment to optimizing and perfecting client side functionality through strategic implementation of cutting edge web and IT technologies. I have extensive collaboration experience, coordinating multiple projects, providing continuous support, and initiating creative solutions to satisfy the priorities of clients. I have key skills in usability, accessibility, cross platform browser issues, advanced CSS based design, responsive design, mobile sites and user interface. I work equally well alone and as part of a multi-functional team. I have good practical, communication and organizational skills. I have been both a mentor and a team leader.

Adrian Madiarov

Full stack Developer

Dedicated Software Engineer with 15+ years experience. I thrive in deadline-oriented environments driving me to excel. My focus is developing full stack Client Server application with experience in Linux, Amazon Cloud AWS, desktop applications, MVC, server backend, Microservies, PKI and security protocols. Experience in native Android, iOS development. Fluent in Java, C++, JavaScript, SQL, Shell script, Python, Objective C, Perl, PHP and Qt.